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third period >>>
nbi changed location and status (legal now!). it moved to schoenhauser allee 157 - 
still in berlin just bigger, better and cleaner (wow!). like storno - back with hits.
storno in roamance fr.16.08.2002 22:00 at nbi *
steve climbleather(crippled dick hot wax), live: monotekktoni, storno(roamance)
storno in roamance fr.06.09.2002 22:00 at nbi * loop vs. unfading
storno in roamance fr.04.10.2002 22:00 at nbi * herzfeldt, live: kitty solaris, steve climbleather(crippled dick hot wax)
storno loves karaoke fr.08.11.2002 22:00 at nbi * various artists hosted by auge & herr schneider (real-live-time performance)
storno is nikolaus fr.06.02.2002 22:00 at nbi * live: miss tigra(pop poisoned poetry) & neoangin playback_art: dj honesty(slope), steve climbleather(crippled dick hot wax)

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