lineup for decembre 15th 2005

kino(the devil & daniel johnston)	ivo lotion(conferencier)	ulrich s. ulrichson(lesung)	gereon klug(dj)

detlef kuper			1.impossible love s not dead
lichtung			1.speeding motocycle		2.true love will find
da sign & the opposite	1.favorite darling girl	2.i live for love
namosh				1.desperate man blues more punchin joe around
transformer di roboter	1.pothead
RS				1.king kong
jayrope			1.the story of an artist
the sighs			1.sorry entertainer
planningtorock(live video)
kevin blechdom(live video)	1.running water		2.honey i sure miss you
chris imler			1.rock 'n roll
the human elephant		1.despair came knocking	2.held the hand
yoyooyoy			1.funeral home
elvis pummel 
indoor surfers
random				1.walking the cow