event curriculum:

fourth period >>>>
no change - same location - still NBI - playing games, artificial flashbacks, end of post-80th, 
acid, strobe, fog, loops & HORROR - it's all horror, horror, extreme horror
electric kool aid storno test > sa.23.08.03 - 22:00h at nbi * "..stop thinking.."
original acid house feat. mr.beam & mr.trip aka peter grummich 
live: kyborg & trike with finest oldschool acid hardware (101/303/808) movie

< loop vs. unfading part2 > > fr.03.10.03 - 22:00 at nbi * video_flyer
hear the loops of that 12 unforgetable artists and watch my first videos here 

electric kool aid storno test > sa.20.12.03 - 22:00h at nbi plakat
original acid on decks with barbara hallama & dj k+
live: girls united info
super8: mikomikona
oblate-front oblate-back

< STORNO & NBI goes NEW YEAR'S EVE > > > mi.31.12.2003 > 20:00h - 8:00h
extreme buffet - extreme music - extreme dance - extreme sexy - extreme
thanks to gesine, silvia, christiane, alice&bob, aussenborder, fredderking,
jan, carlo v. lynx, ... >> so, happy new year to all suckers (two oh oh four)
flyer plakat

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